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Frequently Asked Question

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Which body parts can I exercise with Jymfit?

Jym can be used for a total body workout or can be used on isolated areas such as arms, hands, legs, back and abdominals.

What is isometric exercise?

Isometric Exercise is where you contract a muscle using resistance but there is no joint movement- such as pushing against a wall or holding a weight in one place. Depending on the goal of the exercise, the exertion can be maximal, or sub-maximal.

What is Jym?

Jym is the perfect low-impact total body workout to receive amazing results for both general exercise and rehabilitation and is fun and easy to do for all ages and fitness groups. Jym combines isometric and static exercises using your body's own resistance all in one revolutionary and compact machine to strengthen and tone muscles and reduce pain and strain on joints. Your Jym can be used for isolated therapy on problem areas, through to whole body workouts.